The Advent Ascendancy, sometimes termed Advent Space or the Advent Empire by outsiders, was a portion of the galaxy that was ruled by the Advent Ascendants. It was created at the birth of the First Advent, at the behest of the Scryers In the image of the Advent Deity whom guided them to become the most powerful force in all of the galaxy and granted them access to higher brain functions which enabled them powerful mental powers. By present, they are the most dangerous people to come across.

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The Ancient Scryers sought to populate the galaxy, and soon came to desire a race much like themselves and though years of genetically creating the perfect subject; the Advent was given form and seeded to the galaxy to unite as the Ascendancy and to follow the concept of Unity set forth by the Ancients to ensure their servants never lost their path or way as the eons passed onward for both of them.

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