"Nobody can understand the concept, the unity, nor our understand of our own actions. There is only the Amarr, and then there's the enemy." - Amarr High Lord, Belekath

The Amarr Empire, also known as the New Order, the First Amarr Hegemony, the Order or simply the Empire was the government that rose to power in the aftermath of the Amarr Interregnum, replacing the Amarr Alliance. Central authority was given to Highlord Belekath, who was also the founder of the Amarr Chapters. For nearly two decades, the legislative body was the Imperial Senate, but it was dissolved by Belekath in favor of a tribunal council of 'High Lords' shortly before the Battle of Eplison IV that destroyed all resistance against the Empire. During the early reign of the Empire, countless star systems were conquered and dissident actions ruthlessly stamped out by the rapidly expanding Amarr Army and Navy. The Empire also oversaw the near extermination of lower sentient lifeforms that proved a threat to the near-future.

The Empire would experience several crisis and peaceful era, it was ruled by the High Lords and protected from the Amarrian Chapter Armies that strove to expend the border of the Empire. By the 26th Century, the Empire is the largest and strongest of the standing powers but perhaps that will change as the Amarrians themselves have not mobilized their full strength in centuries. High Lord Rasslion, an Amarrian High Lord rules as the 'First' of the Council at the beginning of the 26th Century.

History Edit

Establishment Edit

"The Amarr Empire was built to be everything the Alliance wasn't, a strong unified body that is willing to do anything it takes to ensure the survival of our race."
The Amarr Empire dates back to the 19th century, when it was known as the Amarr Alliance. The Alliance was formed the moment the Amarrians created the first warp-drive and united their planet like nothing before in their history. The Amarr Alliance would go on to colonize multiple aorlds that surrounding the main home world, establishing trade routes and spaceports above most to pump out as much research and raw materials as possible for the foundation of the Amarr Alliance.

But unfortunately, the Alliance wasn't prepared for the worst. It is unclear what had transpired, but only that the Discord Wars that broke out in the late 19th Century was largely because of the Alliance's transgression against its own colonies and weak administration. The Discord Wars pave the way for Belekath, whom was then Shipmaster of one of the many Amarr Vessels to become the unquestionable military leader of the Alliance and the future first High-Lord of the Amarr Empire.

The Discord Wars were heavily censored by the Amarr Empire, so that non would know the shame of the Amarr Alliance and the devastation that the inter fighting had done to their own race, millions were killed in the fighting and entire planets were reduced to ashes and flames.

The Civil Wars would continue until the late 20th Century, where Belakath had taken full leadership of the Alliance and turned it into the Imperial Empire of Amarr, or Amarr Empire. It was by this action that lead him to be successful and conquered his enemies during the Wars that would lead to the powerful; centralized; government that he was the architect and father.

The Long Night 2000 - 2154 Edit

'The Long Night' it was called by scholars and historians alike the time period after the Discord Wars representing the sheer anarchy and chaos that made up the centuries of reconstruction, force occupation, and displays of Imperial power. Belekath would lead the Amarr Empire for nearly 50 more years until his body gave out, but in his dying breath and can be credited to the existence of the Empire as we know it today. It was to formalize the intuition of the High-Lords of Amarr, whom would become the unquestionable leaders of the Empire and handle foreign policies, Its members were never finalized but it has always included the Warmaster (Later renamed to Arbiter).

During the Long Night underneath Balakath fierce leadership, the Amarr Empire withdrew from all of Its own colonies back towards the Homeworld. Balakath had won the war, but now it was time to show the rest of the galaxy how much they need the Empire. He had made it a goal during the war to target water and power stations on nearly every blockade and invasion only to imminently pull out afterwards. The Colonies cannibalized themselves in the chaos, some became self-destructive, others attacked another planet just for food. The Imperials were content and the High-Lord slowly expended his Fleet and Armies out into the stars towards sympathetic colonies that accepted Imperial authority, while some were left to die for refusing to comply.

Balakath would have died at some point in this time period, leading to the establishment of the High-Lords of Amarr, whom would rule as a unified body. The High-Lords would slowly, but surely begin to expend outward, recolonizing destroyed colonies and republished the science division in an attempt to recover as much technology as they could to strengthen their own.

The Long Night ended around 2154, with most of the colonies withered and died and some were recolonized. But they were held at bay from exploring new planets. at least that was the official edit from the High Lords, whom worried that they wouldn't have the technology nor influence to control such a vast expense of space; at least not yet. It was around this time that the Imperial Amarr Guard was formalized as the official military body of the Empire, followed by the Amarr Armada that represented the space-faring forces.

Age of Reclamation 2154 - 2225 Edit

The Age of Reclamation was the period that assorted itself with the restoration of Imperial control over the colonies, rebuilding orbital stations and watchpoints and strengthen the Interstellar power of the Empire though Its Military. The Age of Reclamation is credited with offering the most technological findings for the fledgling Empire, though the usage of Spheres that were used during the Alliance to store libraries worth of information but these themselves were rare to find. Records can say that only few were found, but enough to help restore the Amarr species to a powerful status as it is today.

Colony Worlds were redeveloped and restored, with some being dedicated to Industrial production and the surface becoming a huge multi-complex city with factories and mass production lines. Others were turned into research grounds for scientists and others were left to do as they wished. Huge Space Stations were in the constructions to be able to act as both a Station, and a 'Space City' however the project was dubbed 'Project Station' and would not be completed until the late 23rd century and would house one of the Amarr most advanced star ships.

High Lord Ullanor was credit during the Age of Reclamation at having rediscovered a Progenitor Core on the World of Elysia II. But due to the complications of the device, it wouldn't come into usage for the Empire until the reign of Rassilion, whom knew that it was time to put the core to use for the Fleet and the Empire. By the end of 2252, the Reclaimation had come to an end with the Empire reaching its present size with the exception of the IIos and Linka Systems; both which fought the Empire in a small-scale war and their sentient life were wiped from existence.

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