The Amarr Fleet, or Amarr Armada, once known as the Exectors Armada is the military fleet used to defend the Amarr Empire from Its conception and into the countless millennials.

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The role of the Amarr Navy was the absolute dominance and safeguarding of known space in the name of the Council. Warmaster Xana Sadom identified four key functions of the Amarr Navy, including blockading spaceports to cripple a planet's ability to fight, bombarding planets to destroy enemy infrastructure, guarding shipping lanes against pirates and smugglers to safeguard commerce as well as frighten criminals into conducing honest trade, and transporting and supporting other branches of the Amarr Military from space and from the air, supplying them with space and aerial support upon disembarkation if necessary. In large part because of the requirement of traveling throughout the galaxy in the Armada, a tour of duty for naval officers often resulted in them encountering various unique people and visiting various exotic worlds.

The Amarr Armada's doctrine was heavily influenced by the experience of the Civil Wars, and emphasized maximizing capital ship firepower rather than achieving star fighter superiority, and it subordinated its star fighters to this role. The Armadas's earliest Capital Ship design, the Oria-Class, had carried a substantial complement of 420 starfighters and had proved its worth as both a fighting ship and a carrier, but many strategists came to think that it would have been more effective if designed for a single role. Subsequent Star ship designs like the hangar less Aegis-class were larger and were built around more powerful reactors, allowing them to carry heavier defenses and weapons and so lessen the effectiveness of star fighter attacks. After a period of experimentation, the Navy settled on the Odessa-Class Battleships as the backbone of the Fleet. It was heavily optimized for fleet combat, carrying only a single wing of 40 star fighters.

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