Overview Edit

Federation Army Edit

Conglomerate Army Edit

Zenith Mercs Enforcers Edit

Mercs that flipped shit

Main Article: Zenith Enforcers

Ryendar Imperial Army Edit

Amarr System Army Edit

Ashar Imperial Legions Edit

Nesstren Armed Hosts Edit

Scalnere Warband Army Edit

K'vrul Bio Army Edit

Anaphirim Horomiskashi Edit

The Horomikashi is a term that refers to all Anapharim ground forces: the word literally translates to 'Wind Hunters' to emphasize the Aeredectyl's preference over hit and run, sabotage and attrition tactics. Just as a hawk, the Wind Hunters fall upon their prey with lightning-fast attacks, striking ferociously before retreating and dive in again. Like military fleets, the armies answer to their Household, and fulfill the purpose of both defense and offense.

Main Article: Anaphirim Horomiskashi

Awadron Deathwing Edit

The Deathwing are the ground forces of Awadron, formed from small and elite units that are rarely deployed due to Awadron's non-aggressive nature. Their main focus is defensive, and are armed with best armor and weaponry Hegemony can offer. Their specialty is the sonic weaponry that paralyzes and cripples most infantry, along with Resonance Rifles that shatter heavy armor as if fragile glass.

Main Article: Awadron Deathwing

Awanoi Forces Edit

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