''Our wings shall carry us to the Stars. But our fleet shall carry us to victory.'' -Hierarch Ixyr Zhorv

The Awadran Fleet, also less commonly referred to as the Celestial Fleet, is the main residence of the Awadron race. Unlike many other starfaring factions, Fleet is everything for the Hegemony. From the Trade Vessels that bring them fortunes to Celestial Eyries that house their population, Awadran Fleet and its commanders are regarded with highest esteem.

Role Edit

As mentioned above, Awadrons utilize their Fleet for nearly all of their needs. However, defensive measures are the greatest duty of the Fleet. Much of the smaller corvettes and battleships are on constant patrol around the colossal Celestial Eyries, protecting them from smugglers, pirates, and invaders. The Trade Vessels of the Fleet are owned by the Hegemony, but are rented for Trade Princes of Awadron to allow them to seek their fortune and then share it with their nation. Though rare, Awadran Fleet can take the offensive when needed, as their fleet is packed with enough firepower to be equal to entire Capital Worlds. When the offensive is taken on a planet, majority of the Fleet sets up an embargo, whilst strike teams take out threats made on the Armada. Their doctrine and philosophy is against orbital bombardments, and as such simply wait out surrender of the planet instead of causing environmental and infrastructural damage to the civilization living on the surface.

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