''We have ruined our past and sullied our present. We shall turn to future for atonement, and cure for our plight.'' -Hierarch Vex, upon launching of the Armada into orbit of Razor.

The Awadron Hegemony is the old dominion of the Awadrons, when the race still had a planet to call home and colonies to feed it. After a period of civil-war, due to deployment of weapons of mass destruction, Awadron's homeworld of Razor was lost. Its atmosphere poisoned, its land charred, the Avian race fled into space on great vessels called Celestial Eyries. Their population is united under the command of Council of Hierophants, who claimed direct descent from the old Empire, and have forbidden the use of super weapons. They are an open minded folk of traders, floating from Star to Star with their massive ships and bringing cargo from one place to another. They view all life as sacred, and strive to unlock technologies that would allow them to cure their planet's barren state.

Rise to Civilization Edit

Awadron rose to sapience around the time of a climate change and extinctions on Razor, and claimed the world from clutches of harsh predators and colossal creatures. The first signs of civilization began as villages atop mountains, cultivating trees and gardens along with insect colonies for their needs. These small villages shared a culture through faith, where they revered Ist-Razor, Star of their system, as a divine being of great power. Their faith turned to zeal shortly, as anyone venerating other beings, such as the Xurtek herds that resembled pterodactyls, were persecuted and driven out of their society. Eventually, those who were exiled from their communities returned in numbers, and long tribal wars erupted between the two. This carried on for millenia, as Istarians remained defensive atop their mountains, never relenting, and Xurtekians constantly launching raids and crusades upon the mountains to return to their home. This all changed with the advancements in technology, however, and Istarians discovered they could use toxins their domesticated insects produced to poison the enemy's rivers and farmlands. Countless Xurtekians died of lethal doses, others died of famine. When war was over, all that remained of Xurtekians rejoined Istarians and assimilated into their culture. Secession of Awadron was over, and they were once again whole.

Stellar Age Edit

With the peace that followed the genocidal forces, clergy and the monarch of Istarian society unified in an endeavor to reach the stars, and spread out from their overpopulation world. Their world had never truly recovered from the climate shifts it suffered, and life has been in a struggle to survive since the industrial ages of Awadron. In order to ease the burden, millions were sent to colonise nearby planets and stars, and many mining operations were launched to replenish depleting resources of their planet. However, due to initially lacking a method of FTL information network, connection between colonies was limited. Many of them soon grew rebellious, supplying a planet they could not even see or visit, and refused to pay their tithes to the Homeworld. This resulted in a massive retalliation from the Hegemony, as Empire's ships bombarded rebellious planets until they submitted.

Birth of the Awanoi Edit

During their Stellar breakthroughs and advancements in space, some of the Awadron became convinced that their race's evolution relied on genetic modification. The splinter that called themselves Awanoi dabbled in modifications to better traits for their race, including psychic powers. This did not stir well with the Istarian Church. The Emperor, a supporter of the Church, decreed that all modifications are to cease if the citizens wished to remain within the Hegemony, and were banished when they refused. These people were denied trade and entrance into the Hegemony, and the Emperor simply hoped them to shrivel and die in their corner of the galaxy.

Civil War Edit

The harsh treatment only caused the divide between the Homeworld and the colonies to widen, and after the introduction of Quantum Information Network into the Empire, it was used to communicate between colonies to plot their rebellion. In an event called the Treason, colonies had called the Imperial Fleet to defeat an approaching Alien Fleet. However, when the Imperial Fleet left the Homeworld Razor, Colonies launched a collective assault upon the planet. Their barrages of sulphuric acid turned the oceans of the world into death traps, and their prismarine lances penetrated the most populous cities as an act of vengeance and a display of power. No longer would the colonies be mistreated, they thought, only to learn that as defenses of the Homeworld kept rebels busy, Imperial Fleet had been ravaging colonies with Toxic Canisters that turned their atmosphere into poisonous ammonia. No side won a clear victory, however, as rebels launched an ultimatum of peace to the Emperor that called for a ceasefire and a council to discuss their Hegemony's fate. Outraged by his capital being bombarded, Emperor responded with a positive reply to the rebels, but betrayed their trust when the Imperial Fleet returned to destroy rebels once and for all.

Interregnum and Ascension Edit

Shortly after defeat of the rebels, a faction in the military launched a coup in the Imperial Palace, locking all members of the clergy and the imperial court up and taking control of the Hegemony. A period of chaos followed due to terrible conditions Razor suffered, and the loss of all authority adding to it. Interregnum came to an end when the Hierophants rose, a democractic movement calling for building of great vessels to carry their people to safety. Celestials Eyries are commissioned with last of the resources of the Hegemony, and all colonists that remained led an exodus to the heart of their Hegemony. There, leader of the coup, Hierarch, makes a speech calling all Awadran Race to unite under one banner. He offers equal terms to colonists in the new order that will be made, and many -even though reluctantly- agree to his words and accept the offered peace. Celestials Eyries begin their flight as Razor's ecosystems collapse one by one, leaving behind a toxic world that still bore scars of their decade-long civil war. Councils are established in elections, and Hierarch hands over the power to the people on condition that he may retake it in Wartimes to defend their race once again.

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