"I am here to ensure the safety of all those under my command, but also to explore the stars and establish peaceful relations with those that also travel the galaxy, for the Federation and Mankind this is a undertaking I take seriously." - Julian Balter on his first conference regarding the Artemis.
Captain Julian Balter was a male Human fleet officer in the 26th century. He was arguably one of the most famous and highly-decorated starship captains in the history of the Federation. As the Captain of the Pelta-Class starship FSS Artemis. Balter served Federation interests as an explorer, soldier, and diplomat.

Balter graduated from the Fleet Academy on Horizon, serving onboard several vessels; some notable being the FSS Argent, FSS Franklin, and the FSS Destiny before being promoted by Fleet Command to helm the FSS Artemis in 2502. He was a quiet man, someone who would never risk the lives of his crew but would enter battle if there were no other possible alternative. He is married to Rosette Sabine and bore a child named Lucus 'Relm' Balter shortly before leaving for his five year departure as the Captain of the FSS Artemis.

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