The Empire of the Waves, also known as the Ship Nation, or simple as the Empire, was the historical Primordian nation-state that existed from an unknown period in Primordian history to the enactment of the Primordian World-Wide Government that rose to power after the Reformation.

Imperial's rapid industrialization and militarization led to its emergence as a world power and the establishment of a colonial empire. Economic and political turmoil in near-by states led to the rise of militarism, eventually culminating in Imperial's membership in the Western portion of the planet and the conquest of a large part of islands. At the height of its power, the Empire ruled over a land area spanning 7,400,000 square kilometers (2,857,000 sq mi), making it one of the largest maritime empires in history.[11]

After several large-scale military successes during the First Expansion Period, the Empire also gained notoriety for its fleets and technology advancements against the peoples it conquered. After suffering many political and economical conflict with the harboring of the TCU Company, a war broke out between the Empire and the URAK which followed the period of occupation by the URAK followed the surrender, and a new constitution was created with Republic involvement in 1947, officially dissolving the Empire and made it a state of the URAK. Occupation and reconstruction continued well into the near future, eventually forming the current nation-state whose full title is the "State of the Waves" or simply rendered "Ship Nation" in Common English.

The Emperors during this time, which spanned the entire Imperial era are now known in Japan by their posthumous names, which coincide with those era names.


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