"The Artemis is the future of the Federation, with technology that would be impossible to adapt to our own; It is the key to the future." - Admiral William Ross, on the first maiden voyage of the FSS Artemis.
The Federation Starship(FSS) Artemis, also known as simply Artemis or Pelta-Class, was a model of Pelta-Class in the service of the Interstellar Federation Fleet. A slim design of a hybrid of exploration and combat, it was to become the most advanced starship that consisted of Terran & Anaphirim technology, credited with its experimental shield module and weaponary. This does not mean it was built solely for combat, and by 2501 when the FSS Artemis was constructed as the first of the Pelta-Frigate line, It was considered the most advanced starship built by the Federation. It would be captained by Julian Balter.

Characteristics Edit

The Artemis is a Light Cruiser built by The Anapharim and the Federation, an amalgamation of the best of both nations. The cruiser's role is that of exploration and charting, and despite not being outfit for head-on fights or war, the Artemis has been given armaments to fend off foes.

Dimensions Edit

The Artemis Light Cruiser is 500 meters in length and fifty in height: it is easily recognizable by its curved muzzle, that points downwards. The cruiser also features two wing-like structures, that have been outfitted with Solar Panels and impulse generators

The Artemis features four decks, each of variable size: the engineering bay, the research stations, the living quarters and the bridge.

- The Engineering Bay is where the ship's engine core is located. A team of technicians is tasked to safekeeping the fusion core of the Impulse thrusters, but the wide level also features hangars for small aircrafts - usually housing mining vessels and scouting vehicles.

A small room is also dedicated to the storing of radioactive materials that require studying or analyzing.

- The Research Stations occupy an entire deck: the several facilities are a scientist's heaven, as only the topnotch equipment can be found onboard the Artemis. The stations feature four wings: xenobiology where alien life forms are studied, mineralogy where rocks and interesting geological formations can be studied, physics where scientists record and study space anomalies and finally the charger wing with the duty of expanding the starmap.

- The Living Quarters is where the crew members of the Artemis live and spend their free time: optimized for Aeredectyl and human life, the living quarters feature thirty rooms, and one Commander cabin. Each housing features a bedroom and can be outfitted by every member whenever they want. The second part of the Living Quarters is a cafeteria, that also acts as foodstock storage. The cafeteria attempts to deliver a wide variety of food, but of course, efficiency over taste.

Finally, the last section of the Living Quarters is a bathroom, shared by crew members and a med-bay for treating injuries and sicknesses. It also has showers, of course.

- The Command Deck is the beating heart of the ship: with over fifteen working stations, crewmen monitor the ship's route, weaponry and constantly update their nations of their progress. The command deck also features battle stations, linked to the ship's Makross cannons and a Stargazer deck - a leisure and recreation center that is meant for the crew, with board games and a great bookshelves.

Crew requirements Edit

The ship requires at least seventy personnel, and up to twenty may join the crew. The Artemis project features crewmen from both the Anapharim and Federation, being the first mixed-races crew ship in the quadrant.

- Captain, covering the role of commander.

- Ensign, acting as substitute commander in case of death.

- Three officers: Engineer, Scientist, Logistics. Respectively, they handle the Engineer bay, research work and the morale and resource management.

- Twenty scientists: Xenobiologists, physicians, astronomers...

- Twenty Engineers: IT specialists, nuclear engineers...

- Thirty Operators: Communications, gunners...

- Twenty five Security Agents: Bodyguards, marines...

Each crew member has an impressive background: from high scores to exciting, saucy lives: it is, after all, going to be one great adventure.

Armament Edit

While not exactly armed for actual combat, the Light Cruiser features some neat tricks up the sleeve: the standard armament of the ship are two Makross Cannon Arrays: each emplacement features two Makross Cannons, that are able to deliver either long-ranged charged shots or anti-fighter fire by spraying mass over a wide area.

Secondary weapon systems include the prow-mounted Lightspear, a light ion cannon that fires several bolts of ionized particles that arc and home towards their target. Far from fatal, these boots are aimed at destroying the ship's system rather than the hull itself. If the Artemis wishes to pulverize something, it will deploy fusion torpedoes from the engineering bay: armored missiles that detonate in a bright fusion blast that corrodes through most armors provided it gets there. Secondary warheads include the Metalstorm and Disruption torpedoes: the first can annihilate swarms of fighters, and the other provoke a short circuit on impact.

The ship features some boarding countermeasures, too: emergency lockdown protocols, concealed turrets, extinguishers and emergency weapons rack are available for the crew should the ship be boarded.

The Artemis also has an ACS (Active Countermeasure systems), aimed to shoot down incoming torpedoes: these small turrets are located throughout the entirety of the hull and are automated.

The signature armament however, is actually the Vessel's shielding system: the fusion of SHIELD module with the Anapharim Shimmerfields generated the Phantom shielding system: it is a flexible defense system, with two modalities. The first is a wide field that impedes lock-on through a magnetic field that distorts sensors. While it expends less power, this mode weakens most incoming projectiles by slowing them rather than 'blocking' them.

Alternatively, the energy field can be shrunk to surround the ship: most projectiles will ricochet off the ship, at the expense of more powers to shield and the inability to fire energy weapons.

Complement Edit

Propulsion systems Edit

The ship features a main Impulse Thruster fusion engine: the core fuses highly unstable isotopes in order to produce a pulse of energy that thrusts the ship forward. Two secondary fusion thrusters provide an additional push, contributing to the ship's maneuverability and agility.

Even more, the ship features experimental 'graviton gliders', harnessing gravitational waves to improve thrust, these prototypes can provide acceleration by enhancing the gravitational waves with Gravitons.

Bridge Edit

History Edit

Appearances Edit

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