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The First Contact War, also remembered as The First Contact Conflict or the First War, is the first Intergalactic conflict that saw two different races pitted against the other. As such, it is one of the most important conflicts - both for xenobiology and xenosocial studies.

Prelude Edit

Exploration of the Galaxy Edit

Start of the Conflict - 2501 Edit

The Anapharim Ve'ix Petyl-class Civilian Vessel entered the Sector dubbed the Tyrant Stars, for routine inspection. However, the crew of the ship detected the presence of life on a planet and before they could analyze the world an alien fleet approached the small ship. After failed communication attempts, the ship opened fire at the vessel and boarded it. The Petyl-class ship attempted warp jump and successfully entered a system. But that would not save the five-man crew from the savagery of the hostile aliens, who proceeded to butcher and skin the crew - not before the scientists managed to deploy a beacon. At that time, another unidentified vessel entered the orbit and the Anapharim fleet answered the help request. Later identified to be the Scalnere, the aggressors retreated from the system as the Anapharim fleet proceeded to contact all aliens as Protocols without any success.

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