Overview Edit

First Contact War (Anapharim/Scalnere) Edit

The First Contact War, also remembered as The First Contact Conflict or the First War, is the first Intergalactic conflict that saw two different races pitted against the other. As such, it is one of the most important conflicts - both for xenobiology and xenosocial studies.

The Anapharim were peacefully exploring the star systems closest. However, not all exploration intentions are clear enough and as soon as they began to charter the region of space known only as the Tyrant Stars. The Scalnere, native to the region and likely the strongest power had reacted violently to the transgression and opened fire on the science vessel - Sparking the short-lived first contact war that the Anapharim barely managed to put down at the cost of the Scalnere Tyrant Lord.

Main Article: First Contact War

Conglomerate - Ashar War (Fall of the Conglomerate) Edit

K'vrel - Ashar War (K'vrel extinction) Edit

The Nesstrem Crisis (Nesstrem Exodus) Edit

War for the Throne (Amarr Civil War) Edit

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