The humans are homo sapien race which reside throughout the galaxy, they make up a large quantity of the galaxy in population.

Origin Edit

Humans, from an unknown set of planets, are perhaps the only sentient species left in the Galaxy. After generations of peace and growth. Their civilization collapsed and all that are left are mere colonies and garden planets such as Primordia

Biology Edit

Humans have a fairly robust physiology. Their internal makeup and reproductive processes are typical of most bipedal mammals, and their size and proportions give the appearance of being strong, fast and agile. Humans reach physical maturity at approximately eighteen years of age, at which point they have usually finished their academic education and either directly enter the workforce or begin training for a profession. It has been noted that humans are unusual in terms of behavior.

Culture Edit

Humans are generally seen to be very intelligent, abnormally ambitious, highly adaptable, individualistic and thus, unpredictable. They have a powerful desire to advance and improve themselves, and do so with such assertion that the normally staid between other cultures have been taken aback by their restlessness and relentless curiosity. They seem to be lured unto a banner of larger, stronger groups of humans who either control through military, economic or politic power. It wasn't until the late 11th Millenniums did the human begin to separate and expand disbanding their previous leadership to form their own. Leadership in humans is not uncommon, making them perfect for military, politic and economic roles. Humans are one of the smaller more fragile species in space, however they make up for their weaknesses by creating powerful weapon, strong armor, extreme physically and mental training, and genetic enhancements.

Known Human Factions Edit

The Interstellar Empire of Terra - 16,200 BGA - 0 AGC

Colony World Primordia - 8,478 AGC -

  • Medien-Parzan Senate
  • URAK of Primordia
  • Empire of the Waves

Colony World Orisa

  • The Orisa Defence Milita
  • Orisa Federal Republic