The Iconian were a benevolent, advanced race that were created by the Scions and were made aware of their origins that lead them to fanatical follower the scions way of life throughout the ages until the Scryers Purge of Earth and Altria which later ended with themselves turning on the Scions, and as this occurred the Advent fought the Iconian People; reducing them in numbers and technology which to present day they are nothing more but a shadow of them former selves but it can be said that they were once a mighty power to respect and fear.

Origin Edit

The Iconians  were created and evolved on the planet Othala. Their collected history and culture would span over 100,000 years. They began exploring the galaxy at the guideness of the Scions, At some point, the Iconian began a program of cloning their people and transferring their minds into these bodies as a means of prolongation their already long lives as to continue being of service to the Scions in their philosophical journey across the galaxy.

Of course, around the time of the Scryers purge of Altria and Earth. They were cast down from their high standards; for with the Scions wiped out, the Advent were unleashed and within a few years manage to wipe out the Iconian population. Forcing the remainder to hide for the next 300 years as a refuge endanger species.

Biology Edit

In appearance, Iconians were smooth skinned amphibian-like humanoids that had a similar features to the Advent and Humans; due to their genetic history from the Gods. These bipedal beings had 5 digit hands. As a species, they were uniformly lean and close to the same height. Outsiders had some difficulty in distinguishing between individual Iconian although females tended to have a more slender build. The dentition of Iconian, consisting of a multitude of smooth teeth, reflected the civilized habits of the members of this species.

Skin tones amongst their kind tended to be gray or gray-pale,  Almost all Iconians had gray or reddish-gray skin, though this was a trait of the dominant lineage of those that were apart of the bloodlines created by the Scions.

Culture Edit

Iconian society is devoted to learning, philosophy, exploring, and study. They view the universe not only with awe, but also as an intellectual challenge for them to accept. Optimistic, they hold full faith in scientific progress and technological advancement.

To the Sophons, war is a wasteful undertaking, imposed on them by more warlike aliens. They prefer mutual cooperation with and, if possible, the studying of other species. 

Known Iconian Factions Edit

  • The Iconian Covenant - Destoryed
  • The Iconian Refuge - Active

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