Types of Planets Edit

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Atropos VI Edit

Adonis IV Edit

Astarte Edit

Altria Edit

Achaem Edit

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Berith VII Edit

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Colleda VI Edit

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Cornelia V Edit

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Dasse Prime Edit

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Eta Velorum VII Edit

Eridu VI Edit

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Freya Edit

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Goroth Prime Edit

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Horizon Edit

Harvest Edit

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Jotunheim Prime Edit

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Kronos Edit

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Lahmu VI Edit

Lachesis VI Edit

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Melian VII Edit

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New Charon Edit

New Ceres Edit

Natha III Edit

Nahar Edit

Novan Edit

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Oddessa Edit

Opherus Edit

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Primordia Edit

Pi Aquilae IV Edit

Q Edit

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Radama Edit

Rhea Edit

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Idim VI Edit

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Sirius VII Edit

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Terra Edit

Tiamat V Edit

Tartarus Edit

Talitha III Edit

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Upsilon Lyrae VII Edit

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Varnia Edit

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Xindu V Edit

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Zeta Serpentis VI Edit

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