Primordia IV, System Capital

Primordia is an Terran Civilized World located in the southern reaches of the Eastern portion of the galactic mid rim. Home to unaware survivors of the collapse of the golden age. Primordia itself is lush with great positional resources and a clear atmosphere to support life with more than three-quarters of its land mass. The people of Primordia do not live united, but separate formed of their own culture and idols. Primordia has rather barbaric defenses, being that the Terran that have called it home had downgraded in technology over the long dark years following Humanity sudden collapse into isolation. It is the homeworld of the Primordians and the seat of the power in the Primordia system. Primordia is famous for being relatively one of the more stable 'remnants' of Humanity In the post-golden age, while slowly regaining the technology superiority of those before them. It remains the firm seat of the System, ruled by the various organized powers on the surface. It has yet to resolve its per-warp conflicts and have thus failed to unite until the sudden appearance of a Transport, bearing markings of the golden age.


Primordia IV (Front)

Worldgen (1)

Primordia IV (Back)

Physics Edit

Type Standard ocean
Radius 6738.59 km   (1.06 x earth)
Surface Area 5.71 x 108 km2
Land Area 1.37 x 108 km2   (0.92 x earth)
Mass 7.38 x 1024 kg   (1.24 x earth)
Density 5.76 g/cm3   (1.04 x earth)
Composition 0.93% Argon, 21.8% oxygen, 78% Nitrogen, 0.038% Carbon dioxide, 2.2% other elements

Gravimetry Edit

Gravity 10.80 m/s2   (1.10 x earth)
Escape Velocity 12.07 km/s

Rotation Edit

Period 25.29 hours
Axis Tilt 42.34 °

Hydrosphere Edit

Water 77 %
Ice 40 %

Atmosphere Edit

Type Dense clean
Pressure 163.72 kPa   (1.62 x earth)
Composition 20.95% oxygen, 78.09% nitrogen,  0.93% argon, 0.039% carbon dioxide, and small amounts of other gases.

Climate Edit

Type Garden Classification
Min Temp -126 Fahrenheit (-88 Celsius)
Avg Temp 57.2 degrees Fahrenhe it (14 degrees Celsius).
Max Temp 136 Fahrenheit(58 Celsius)

Biosphere Edit

Chemistry Carbon
Lifeforms Microbes, Terrans, Wild life, Sea Organisms, various of Lifeforms.

Civilization Edit

Type Prospering Society
Population 5 Billion
Tech Level Pre-Spacefaring

Special Edit

Features 1 small moons, ruins of an ancient civilization

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