Rovarria is the breadbasket of the Rovarrian Far Reaches, containing two alien races and ruling over others within its system. They are ruled by an elective monarchy, with each race having one delegate who can cast a vote for the new leader. Recently, the old ruler, Jarchin d'Rovarria, has passed away, and the council has decided in a close vote to make his son, Jorn d'Rovarria, the ruler over the system. The two indigenous races of Rovarria, Nermians and Tlazacians, have a symbiotic relationship in which they both are able to provide services that the other physically or mentally cannot. However, the Rovarrian Far Reaches has banned all psychic users entering the system as a civil war thousands of years ago ruined two planets due to the psychic users involved.

Native Races Edit

Tlazacians Edit

Tlazacians, the main dominant species of Rovarria,are a humanoid race, but the main difference is that they average about 7 feet in height, and the horns on their heads (think of Elomins from Star Wars). Most of them are tan colored, but the coastal Tlazacians, as well as some of the more rare underground sub-races are a vast range of colors. They are fast, and strong, and what they lack in intelligence they make up in both their prowess and command.


Nermians Edit

Nermians are a very small race compared to the Tlazacians, only about half the size of them, and their population is only a small fraction of that of the Tlazacians. They are used to servitude, as most Tlazacian nobles are given a Nermian assistant who will accompany them for the rest of their lives as their friend, companion, or assistant, whatever the Tlazacians desire. They are much more intelligent and cunning than their allies, and are able to invent technologies that the Tlazacians are able to use for warfare. This defines the symbiotic relationship of the two and why they have agreed to share their planet, Rovarria.

History Edit

Rovarrian Civil War Edit

The Prelude Edit

The Rovarrian Civil War began when it was revealed that psychic users did indeed exist inside the Rovarrian Far Reaches. These so called "psykers" were immediately detained and put into quarantine. After experimenting on them for a long period of time, it was deemed by the monarch at the time, and the Council of the Races, that they were not fit for Rovarrian society. All that were imprisoned were ordered to be executed and wanted posters began to appear across every street in every planet, warning of the dangers of psykers.

Betrayal by the Council of the Races Edit

Most citizens of the Rovarrian Far Reaches had no idea what psykers were, until the posters began to fly around. Rumors then circulated that they were everywhere within their society, and friend turned on friend, neighbor turned on neighbor. Thousands of citizens were falsely accused of being psykers, and sent to prison for "quarantine." There, it was found out that the Edict of Restoration of Society, saying that all psykers in the prison were to be executed, was a farce. Instead, experimentation began on those who showed these abilities. The public was outraged and soon, small demonstrations turned into large scale riots, which turned into full out civil war. The civil war wasn't merely these planets versus these planets, it was more of the denizens of each world rising up against the ruling class, who they felt betrayed by. Although the experimentation was only led by the Council of the Races, guilt by association became a huge factor in the war.

Rovarrian civil war

There two predominant factions in the Rovarrian Civil War, the Council of the Races, which was soon renamed to "Royalists", and the people, led by mostly the equivalent of the middle class, known as the "Populists". The Royalists had control of the military weaponry, but not the people. Most of the army defected to the Populists, but the Royalists had expected this. With a special code, they were able to deactivate all weapons which had a tag on them, and tags were required on every weapon upon purchase (including military grade weapons). This soon led to all out slaughter, as the Royalists turned their capital ships, large artillery, and loyal warriors against the populace. Then, the tide changed when the experiments showed their face in public.

Rise of the Banished Edit

While the war in the streets was dragging on, experiments on the psykers continued in the prisons. There, engineers were able to procure a virus that enhanced the abilities of the psykers to extreme levels. What they were unable to tell, is that within a few months of the virus being applied, the host would fully succumb and lose control of their body to the dominant virus. The experimentations easily broke out of the large jail on the main planet, Rovarria, and proceeded to destroy almost all of the surrounding area, leading to what is known as the Barren Wastelands, a large section of Rovarria that can no longer support life in any shape. There, the newly formed psykers, then known as "Banished" showed up on the warfront.

The banished

Both sides, the Royalists and the Populists, were caught off guard by the appearance of the Banished. The races of the Rovarrian Far Reaches were mutated by the experiments and the virus, and were disfigured, with energy crackling off of them like lightning. Unlike the Royalists and the Populists, the Banished did not care for which political faction the denizens had chosen. All of them were their enemies, as their neighbors were the ones who reported them and sent them into prison. Quickly, the Civil War turned out to be a major crisis, but confined to Rovarria. With the experiments going on only in Rovarria, the other planets were safe from the Banished, but still was a huge problem for the other planets part of the system. This led to the new movement that would end the Civil War.

End of the Civil War and Reconstruction Edit

The Royalists and Populists agreed to a ceasefire, with the Banished quickly becoming out of control. While the virus infected denizens were powerful with their psychic abilities, they did suffer one weakness. Together, scientists of both factions worked together to find a way to access the power source form which the psykers drew their power. What happened next is unknown, as the government has yet to say why the Banished all collapsed and subsequently dissolved into ashes. Conspiracy theories were abound, but there was no time to think. The Civil War had yet to be solved.

A peace conference was held, as the rise of the Banished caused massive casualties on each side. Part of Rovarria was forever destroyed, the Barren Wastelands, and large sects of other planets were massively depopulated by the war. Each faction sent an embassy to a Royalist capital ship, that was surrounded by Populist warships in order to guarantee safety. There, they agreed to new terms. A new system of an elective monarchy, a continuing Council of Races, but with large restrictions such as term limits, being held responsible by a people led court, and the execution of all who knew of the experiments on the psykers. Also, in order to prevent the Banished from ever returning, all psykers were banned in the Rovarrian Far Reaches. While both sides were unhappy, as the Royalists saw the executions unnecessary and the restrictions too far, and the Populists unhappy that the government mainly stayed alive, peace was comforting to most.

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