The Ryendarian Empire is a mid-tier power within galactic politics, primarily naval based Ryendar excels in colonization of new planets and keeps a pragmatic and open stance in galactic diplomacy. Founded upon the ideals of national pride and individual freedom Ryendar continues to hold their vast colonial empire in check with a streamlined and efficient government capable of catering to the needs of the colonies while keeping Ryendar strong. Ruled from Ryendar on the planet of Tyren the Emperor oversees the Assembly of the Commons and handles the major political decisions.

History Edit

Foundation Edit

"Ryendar is our hope for a more enlightened and brighter future, we will persevere against all odds and let the silver eagle of Ryendar soar above the stars themselves. -Emperor Jarryn Candir I

Cradled in Tyren the Ryendarian people have a rich and intriguing history, similar to humans in appearance the Ryendarians had a similar history, advancing until the War of Fydelkin Agression between the Marshaldoms of Ryendar and Kyren against Fydelkir and Banthor. Never discovering nuclear weapons the war was long and protracted, ending in a bitter stalemate as Fydelkir had been overrun and the three remaining superpowers were heavily in debt.

As the three recovered Ryendar launched its first space program, setting up lunar bases on both of the planets moons. Soon enough Ryendar had developed orbital strike craft, re-igniting the war and removing the last vestiges of Banthorian resistance. As minor powers began uniting in this age of space racing superpowers many of the leading players, Ryendar, Kyren, Arkadina, and the New Republic of Banthor. All members signed the Signiferi Accord, uniting the world in a colonial quest under the first ever Grand Marshal, Fyr Candir.

The Grand Marshaldom of Ryendar, uniting the world under the Marshaldom of Ryendar, quickly developed technology to colonize multiple worlds within the Tyr System, soon discovering the warp drive. With this in hand multiple new, habitable, worlds were colonized and a new document was signed. The Charter of Interplanetary Colonialism officially founded the Interstellar Empire of Ryendar, shorted to Ryendarian Empire, as a monarchy with the Emperor, Jarryn Candir I, overseeing the Assembly of the Commons with members elected from every colony, each colony would be overseen by a Prime Minister who only governed the colony itself. In addition the Assembly will have the power to determine the next Emperor through a practice called Entrustment of the State.


The Age of Early Colonialism Edit

"We will colonize beyond our own star, and expand upon the multitudes of systems across the galaxy. And in doing so we shall spread the light of Ryendar to every corner of this galaxy in our manifest destiny. -Prime Minister John Rynd of Novan

With the Charter of Interplanetary Colonialism set in place explorers began to chart out the galaxy as more and more probes were set out to find habitable planets. During this time massive leaps in technology were discovered, particularly in the realm of habitation. Combinations of gases would released into a somewhat habitable planet's atmosphere making it fully habitable for carbon based lifeforms, flora and fauna would then be transported to the world and after five years the first settlers would begin to colonize the world.

In the year 2000 A.D. or 0 R.C.(Ryendarian Calendar) multiple starships exited the Tyr system on their way to their first pre-stablilized worlds. In the ensuing years the colonies began developing and new habitable worlds were discovered/created and promptly colonized. As the colonial empire grew several attacks by the Frontier Freedom Fighters prompted the development of the R.S.N. or Ryendarian Systems Navy in the year 57 R.C. under Grand Admiral Jacob Torthen. As the rebellion was swiftly crushed the empire continued to grow, and the tangled web of political checks and balances grew.

The major worlds of Novan, Dyreholme, Eoghaine, and Wynloren were all colonized in the early period of expansionism and all had become major urban worlds by 257 R.C. when the R.S.N. was enlarged and developed in order to combat numerous insurgencies in several more frontier systems. When the Fourth Frontier War ended Emperor Jarryn IV was murdered by a former Rebel agent without an heir.

The Assembly of the Commons and the Entrustment of the State 258 R.C. Edit

"We, as children of Ryendar, must unite behind a common goal to see our great Empire continue to prosper, and thus I, Speaker Tybolt Seldmir do declare the Entrustment of the State a Royal Given duty of the Assembly of the Commons and the election of a wise, capable, and noble Emperor for all of Ryendar." -Tybolt Seldmir

With Emperor Jarryn IV's death the Entrustment of the State was expanded to a more broad political election, anyone could run and the Assembly of the Commons would vote on the successor to the Empire. Although it could be hereditary most entrustments were given to non-royal candidates. Thus Emperor David Coralys was elected to the Green Throne and the tradition of the Assembly became ingrained in society as numerous political parties formed. The Imperial Party, the most dominant, believes in diplomatic pragmatism and the stability of Ryendar above all others while the Fydelein Party values the use of taxes to support social services and the halt of expensive colonization. On the right leaning side the Tyrenholme Party values interventionism and supports a larger military. With the three major parties always vying for seats in the Assembly politics in Ryendar can be extremely unstable in major elections when an Emperor either abdicates or dies while in office.

Most Emperors will abdicate at an old age or when they simply cannot get any legislation past the Assembly, taking charge of the country until the lengthy election process is finished. In many cases the parties have caused havoc during crises such as the Sunkiller Plague, however they are usually united behind the Emperor they elected.

The Golden Age of Ryendar 260 R.C.-347 R.C. Edit

"We stand on the precipice of glory, for we are Ryendborn, sons of Ryendar and valiant wardens of civilization. Our reign over the stars begins anew every day we wake and ends every night we sleep. We must remain vigilant, for if we falter the entire Empire falters." -Emperor David Coralys, in his coronation speech to the Assembly

In 260 R.C.Emperor Coralys began his massive colonial campaign, expanding Ryendarian dominion in the Delta Quadrant, spreading the Ryendarian Empire north into the bordering sector and west dangerously close to the Solar Interstellar Federation. Expanding the infrastructure and internal security Emperor Coralys' reign marked the beginning of the Golden Age of Ryendar. With massive military, civil, and industrial reforms Coralys launched the beginning of the Golden Age with a reinvigorated Ryendar firmly behind the Imperial Party as new planets continued to be colonized. Many of the city worlds, Ryendar and Novan in particular, began to experience a massive boom in population that migrated to newer frontier worlds that were being built up with money from the overflowing treasury.

This saw the rise of social services as a norm across the developed Empire and the Colonial Developmental Program was established to ensure that colonies would have government run hospitals and administration buildings while loaning money with extremely low interest to people interested in starting small businesses on those worlds. Several of these business owners have since become billionaires due to their original planets developing extremely quickly.

True frontier worlds were becoming rarer and rarer as most worlds spent a total of twenty years before being built up enough to be declared a developed world. In 310 R.C. most of the uncolonized space in the lower Delta Quadrant was either colonized or claimed with new probes being sent into Sigma, however several anomalies prevented contact with the Solar Federation. Internal trade was at all-time high and the stock markets were booming. An age of strong uncontested colonialism Ryendar continued to colonize and develop until 347 R.C.

With Emperor Nathaniel Coralys, grandson of Emperor David Coralys, on the throne as the Fourth Emperor during the Golden Age, Jeremiah Hurrteldorn had won as the Tyrenholme candidate in 295 R.C. while Emperor David's son was still in his teens, a new terror threatened Ryendar. The Third Sunkiller Plague, a much more infectious and lethal variant than the first two, spread rapidly.

The Third Sunkiller Plague and the Golden Dawn 348 R.C.-421 R.C. Edit

"We must resist this terrible tragedy and continue our march forward, if we falter here we all die." -Emperor Nathaniel Coralys

Believed to have originated in the Sigma Quadrant it ravished the worlds near the Solar Federation and quickly spread inward. Hundreds of millions died in flash outbreaks, devastating worlds and ruining any attempts to further colonize, however as the disease began spreading by trade the major city worlds began to close their doors, suffering thousands of deaths due to starvation, but waiting out the disease. Once a cure was found it was far too late to save millions, but hope was restored to Ryendar. Soon after the cure was discovered Emperor Nathaniel Coralys was killed by a Fydelein Extremist who believed that the lack of a proper cure and food was the Emperor's fault, the year was 355 R.C.

A new Emperor, the first elected Fydelein Gerald Worthington began his campaign to rebuild Ryendar, however the Third Sunkiller Plague had completely destroyed Ryendar, stripping them of their ambition and pride and leaving them defenseless. Never to be beaten Emperor Gerald united the parties in the largest tripartisan effort in Ryendarian history: the Golden Dawn Initiative. Ministers and Representatives from all three parties worked in unison to rebuild the struggling economy, repopulate near desolate worlds, and restore Ryendar to some measure of its former glory. The stock markets were desolated, the economy in ruins, worlds burnt, and desperate people turned to looting. During the reign of Gerald the economy and colonies were on the road to repair and his policies would be enacted by Emperors in the centuries to become, as such he would be forever known as Emperor Gerald Worthington the Lawmaker, Savior of Ryendar, and Warden of the People. He died in the Year 397 R.C. after a forty year reign.

After his death the Fifth Frontier War erupted as frontier colonies no longer received the aid they had grown accustomed to and many fanatics joined their ranks, to combat this Emperor George Corryn, a staunch Tyrenholme and Admiral, was elected. The Corryns, a major military family in Ryendarian aristocracy, would come to claim the throne numerous times in the past and would again in the future. Emperor George Corryn reformed the military to combat the Frontier and wrote the Codex of Military Strategies, a guidebook that would influence the Ryendarian military in the years to come. His reign ended after the end of the Fifth Frontier War and his abdication as a new rising star dominated Ryendarian politics in 421 R.C.

Modern Ryendar 425 R.C. Edit

The Reign of Emperor Alexander Dyrlorn Edit

"We will rebuild and reconquer, for we are Ryendborn, sons of the stars and daughters of the moons, we will never yield." -Alexander Dyrlorn

Alexander Dyrlorn was a momentous figure in modern Ryendarian history, the youngest Emperor in recorded history Dyrlorn was elected when he was twenty-five when rising on a massive amount of fame due to being the Imperial candidate for Emperor in a time when the Fydelein and Tyrenholme parties had no real legitimate candidates due to the influx of new minor parties. In the end of Emperor Corryn's reign several extremist parties left the two and the loss of Representatives rendered them helpless while the Imperial Party fought over their nominee.

When Dyrlorn was coronated in the year 425 R.C. he ran on the premise of continuing the work of Worthington and Corryn while streamlining the new bureaucracy that was being formed in the wake of so many new policies. In his early years he reorganized the R.S.N. to fully include marines and ground strike forces, accounting for modernization and implementing the necessary programs to ensure that officers would be prepared for duty. Under his leadership the Dockyards of Dyreholme were given government assistance and became major manufactories of warships for the Empire, taking the burden away from the dockyards at Ryendar and Novan. Factories began appearing on developed worlds as a massive push for industrialization rose, the citizenry became more mobile and luxury goods not seen since the Golden Age began to return. The R.S.N. was expanded to incredible heights and engaged in its first official war against an aggressive party. The Ryendarian-Bolyan War of Aggression broke out.

The Bolyans, being a mercantile people, lived off of trading to minor powers in the Delta Quadrant, however several major families had lead a coup and the once peaceful republic became a war mongering coalition. Former peacekeeping and merchant vessels participated in an attack on Ryendar. The R.S.N. was quickly mobilized and a full on war was declared. In the war the R.S.N. utterly crushed the Bolyans using tactics outlined by Emperor Corryn, efficiently destroying their fleets, overrunning their worlds,. and bombarding their capital until a peace could be brokered.

This new type of warfare, given the name the Lightning Strategy, was designed to favor the invasion of planets with quick and overwhelming force, in contrast to the strategy employed in the latter part of the war, known as the Naval Superiority Strategy, which amounted to securing local naval superiority and bombarding the enemy until they relented.

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