The Scalnere AscendancyEdit

"Reptiles and amphibians are sometimes thought of as primitive, dull and dimwitted. In fact, of course, they can be lethally fast, spectacularly intelligent and brutally vicious. Making them the most efficient predators in the world" - Unknown Human Scientist.

The Scalnera are a race with beginnings that may have put most races into extinction. It became the setting of a race that soon became one of the most technologically advanced and most powerful in the universe. A race that had once been a tribal, vicious and well before their time, learned in a matter of years how to harness the power of technology and the power of the sun. Too the present day, they are still unknown but they are a race not to be trifled with. In war they are not afraid to rip a planet down or eradicate a race. But because of their history with their technology, weapons that once caused great war and mass death among their race, are weapons they all fear greatly. Only time will tell, how they make their mark on the universe.

A Tribal BeginningEdit

When the race was still young, they had yet to harbor the powers of technology. Their minds barely able to comprehend the world around them. They squabbled among themselves, learning how to fight as singles rather than as a whole. As time wore on, they began to form together in small bands called Basks. Beginning to form small tribal villages and forming small, close knit communities. The Basks were small, a max of 100-200. Making their tribal territories only 20-30 miles in a circle around their villages, which were formed around the bases of massive jungle trees called 'Quenchers' which provided clean and pure water. They did not even go to the full lengths of their Basks's territory to hunt, their primary prey, the massive Shredder Worm, lived right on their door step. The muddy waters on the outside of their village. They hunted them using wooden spears and large fangs ripped from the worms after they were killed, using the scales from the very same worms as shields. They had everything they needed right where they lived, and rarely traversed far from home.

Swamp creatures fantasy-1280x800

Shredder Worm hunting its prey.


Hunters of the Children of the Changing Tide Bask.

A Yilok's or Hunter's daily schedule is awaken in the morning and get his or her morning meal before grabbing up their equipment and heading out for the entirety of the day. A Bask had a rule, a Hunter could not return back to his or her bask until they had a kill at least the size of their self. The kills were to be used for more weapons and shields, and their meat went to the tribe, the organs used for medicine, and the bones used for 'Bone Tokens'. When a hunter returned with their kills, they would eat and go to bed. Not having a clue as to what had happened through the day. A Zawak's or Villager's daily schedule was to keep the village cared for and to make sure the kills that the Yilok brought back were skinned, de-boned and un-organed.

Slowly but surely the Basks began to expand. Though it took years to do, population grew to around 800-1000 per Bask. Increasing the Bask hunting grounds and territory to around 100 miles. Which is when hunting grounds began to overlap and cross over. Basks began to come across each other, though at the time, they believed themselves to be the only ones on the planet. So when first contact was made, it was not a pretty sight. Bask fought Bask, Hunter against Hunter as they vied to control the lands of their choosing. The biggest Basks taking the lands they wanted, and smaller ones being forced into the less desirable lands. Making them starve and grow weak. But none of the Basks could have guessed what was to come next. An event that would change the course of their lives forever.

The Vermin ComeEdit

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