The Scryers were the first evolution of humanity, along with the Scions. Originally known as the Alterans, they later learned how to ascend and used their knowledge and power as a justification and a means to safeguard the future of the galaxy and of mortal beings, but eventually over the ages the Scryers grew corrupted; power hungry; and resentful of Humanity, the creation of the Scions. This eventually lead them to break ranks, and openly kinslay their own brothers and sisters during the last awakening.

Origin Edit

The Scryers were the first form of human evolution; along with the Scions. They were originally known as the Alterans and lived in harmony on a distant but hidden planet in the cosmos. According to myths and legends that sprung from the mystery and truths of the Ancient god-like race Is that the Alterans eventually learned how to incorporate reality; science; magic in one and ascend from a basic understand to a highly advanced setting. They used this to take control of the galaxy; wipe it clean of life and reinstall their own version of the galaxy, this is evident in the presence of the Advent, Humanity, and Iconians.

Biology Edit

With Humanity considered the 'Children' and 'Firstborn' of the Gods. It can be said that the Scryers are roughly the same biology compared to a regular human; only far more developed and in everywhere better as ensured.

Culture Edit

Very little is known of the culture of the Scryers before, though there have been observations of their Advent followers. It can be assumed that they were a peaceful races before they became so advanced and they had a physical and mental difference with their Scion brothers and sisters and subjected their time to perfecting the perfect means to dominate the galaxy via force.

Known Scryer Factions Edit

  • The Scryer Ascendants