May Luna Ratiana bless thy in crusading against the infidels of the galaxy.

"There was once a Rat, it sought to liberate it's race from captivity. That Rat was Raticus the Determined, the brave liberator of Ratia, the sword of Luna Ratiana. May he rest in peace as he is remembered as the Hero Sewer Ratia needed."

"May Luna Ratiana bless thy children to further expand the great will of herself to the outer reaches of the galaxy."

"May Luna Ratiana bless the crusades that go against the infidels that seek to destroy the great Ratian Civilization."

"May Luna Ratiana seek to protect her children as they continue to crusade for peace and stability in the realm."

"May Luna Ratiana provide the means of destruction for the infidels who seek to destroy what she has created."

"My life for Luna."

"The only good infidel is a dead infidel."

Sewer Ratia, otherwise commonly known as 'The Unified League of Ratian Caliphates.' was created by three main Caliphates, which themselves were created after the destruction of the 1st Holy Ratian Empire. The 1st Holy Ratian Empire was brought up by Raticus the Determined, who sought to liberate his own people from captivity from the destructive and distasteful Cattian Leagues. The Cattian Leagues brought slavery apon the Ratian race and sought to abuse them as they were godless and helpless. Raticus was nothing but a low Ratian slave, but he was chosen by Luna Ratiana, whether it actually happend or it was just all made up to create such a religion is unknown. Raticus was said to have a vision from Luna Ratiana, a vision of peace and a gloryful Sewer Ratia. He was to be the sword of Luna Ratiana, the liberator of all Ratians. With such a vision he escaped captivity and began to create a Ratian raiding party, which then transformed into the great Ratian Rebellion. Raticus lead the rebellion and won it against the Cattians. No slaves were taken, no prisoners. The entire Cattian race was slaughtered with a unified Ratia. The Luna religion spread amongst the unified Ratia with a iron fist. Ratia was a unified power at the time and became extremely religious. With the death of Raticus, years later, the Empire collapsed into small caliphates. It was like such for hundreds of years. Untill three large Caliphates sought to unify for the greater good of all Ratians. They sought to continue Raticus' work and move to the stars, to spread the glory and wisdom of Luna Ratiana and Raticus the Determined. Sewer Ratia was born, the ULRC(look up to know the name already.) The Sewer Ratian unification wars took 40 years. The Planet of Ratia Prime was unified entirely. The Luna Religion once ruling with an Iron Fist.

Ratians spread amongst the stars and usually crusade against the lesser races of the galaxy. It is rare for them to negotiate. A large section of known space is controlled by Sewer Ratia as they have crusaded against lesser infidels for hundreds of years. The Starships that they possess are numerous but rarely have larger destructive weapons. Theey use numbers against the enemy as the fleets are endless. Sewer Ratia fully supports it's naval tradition. Millions of ships are at the disposal. Although only the top 5% are ships that are capable of destroying in the first 10 minutes of a battle. The other 95% of the ships are fairly sized but do not possess the weaponary to destroy with ease. So therefor the only way to destroy the incoming infidels is with pure mass and small weaponary. If the Ratians took the technology of another advanced species and finially were capable of using high weaponary on every single ship, the galaxy would for surely be in a bad location.

Ratia Prime is the capitol of Sewer Ratia. It is a large planet that produces large amounts of Naval Starships and ofcourse, Ratians. The population of Ratia Prime is to be estimated around 46 Billion. It's a extremely highly dense population location. Ratias military stronghold is also Ratia Prime. Although the Ratians have a Secondary Capitol to control the large amount of Space. The Secondary Capitol is known as Ra'Turoc. Commongly known as Turoc. It's population if 26 Billlion. Sewer Ratia is ruled by a counsel of three, with a large section of power also going to the Church. So basically the counsel of three rules everything, but the church can step in at any time and rule them out. The Luna is above all else. The Capitol ship of Sewer Ratia is Raticus' Fist. The ship is the largest ship Sewer Ratia has produced, and it has it's most advanced and destructive weapons. The amount of Ratians that can live on Raticus' Fist is 1.3 billion. The ship is gigantic and Ratians can live easily in dense locations.

(More to come prob)

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