The Altria Conglomerate (TAC for short) is one of the many Terran entities that made its identify under the Solar Federation; freed from the Confederacy oppression, it would thrive under the Federation Government and establish a status quo and identify sometime before the 26th Century. From Altria, the Conglomerate extends it Influence across the Federation, such as establishing membership on Tartarus and Eridu VI; and the Shipyards of Rhea, therefore making up some of the economical and military production for the Federation Fleet and Its own Federal Forces.

Organization Edit

Overview Edit

"Today marks the day that we strive together as one voice and body, no longer shall we remind divided to old hatreds." -- Chancellor Lucas Kolea
The Altria Conglomerate began its existence as a combination of Human colonists and business interests, it wouldn't become known as the Conglomerate until around 2500 when It made its identity after the fall of the Human Confederacy and the rise of the Solar Federation. The Conglomerate exists as a subvert entity within the Federation for multiple reasons, while it had the means to gain total independence; while many believe that would have serious repercussions for Humanity as a whole.

The Conglomerate Itself is a uni-clear democratic establishment that strives to do what is necessary for both Altria and Mankind.

Government Edit

The Conglomerate of Altria is ruled by the Conglomerate Senate and the Ruling Council (Legislative & Ruling Council) with each serving a critical function within the government; Ruling Council in the Executive function whos members are voted by the Senate and responsible for all Internal and external matters involving Altria. The Senate serves the Legislative branch, to establish new laws and uphold order and represent the people in major divisions

The ruler of the Conglomerate is given the title of 'Chancellor' which serving terms in officer as 'Head of the Senate' or 'President'. Typically, a Chancellor is restricted with three terms (4 Years) to a total of 12 years before being replaced by another official. However, during a period of crisis; a Chancellor can claim emergency power and extend his term indefinite until the situation has passed.

Military Edit

"The Conglomerate is defended well, and will remain that way for years to come under the protection of the Fleet and Blackwatch."
The Altria Conglomerate's state was based on having a strong military and a Chancellor as Its leader. The Conglomerate Military consisted of the Conglomerate Navy, Conglomerate Army, and the Trooper Corps. The military was answerable to Conglomerate Space Command (CSC). Intelligence was used by the Conglomerate, as were Fleet Intelligence and Communication Intelligence. As Head of State, It was Kanan Forma that secretly maintained and oversaw the development of the Altria Knights, aswell as other projects that would see huge additions to the Fleet to strengthen the military. The army included armored cores and gunships of multiple designs from the Confederacy and Federation. The Conglomerate's elite shock troopers were said to be the most skilled fighters In the Military Arsenal. Additionally, Navy Troopers were utilized by the Imperial Navy.

Throughout the Conglomerate's history, its complement of starships produced and used by the Fleet were multiple designs used by the Interstellar Federation; namely the Vindicator. However it would come to include the Sorannan-class Cruiser and the Garda Frigates alongside the later Crusader-Class Frigates.

Terrority Edit

The Conglomerate's territory changed throughout its early establishment; before the fall of the Confederacy and the rise of the Federation, Altria directly controlled 8 worlds that were members of the Confederacy; but during the civil wars that rose over the centuries it was limited to 5 member worlds; including the shipyards of Rhea. However by 2500 It had grown to include over 15 member worlds with the fall of the Confederacy and the huge extension of Its freedom of self-identity, establishing itself as a major power underneath the cloak of the Federation.

History Edit

Colonization of Altria Edit

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Development of Blackwatch and Knights Edit

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