The Primordial System is an Terran star system of the Omega Sector that lies within the Expansion Fringes. The difficulty of traveling through the region due to the Maw Zone, this area of space has become a haven of disaster even before the Golden Age Collapse occured. The Maw Zone is a region of lawless wilderness containing an estimated of 10 xeno species in the Omega sector. The Primordial System was the beating heart of the Expansion Efforts of the Federal Republic in the ancient days. The Primordial System served as the heart of Humanity' essential needs. Its primary world,  Primordia IV was finally utterly destoryed and Its surviving populace send backward technolgy at the cost of all life on that once-thriving Hive World, It was assumed life was destoryed but a few survived. Leading to Its repopulate by Terrans. The fall of Primordial IV finally brought the terrible death blow to the Terra Republic shortly to its close.

Planets of the Primordial System Edit

  • Primordia I - Dead World with a Class 7 corrosive atmosphere that is inimical to human life. Remnants of Ancient orbital habitats are present on the surface of the planet.
  • Primordia II - Small terrestrial planet used as a graveyard for wrecked starships and other cast-off machinery. No sustainable life.
  • Primordia III - Primordial III is a Dead World that was a formerly industrialized and heavily settled Federal Terran until the 15th Millennium when a catastrophic orbital shift occurred which caused the world's entire atmosphere to freeze. The entire surface of the planet is now covered in permafrost, making it uninhabitable.
  • Primordia IV -  Primordial IV is a Lush World that is life-sustaining.Primordial IV is home to a population of 5 billion people who live in in Industrialized scale cities. This population is on the world to maintain and grow stronger both technology and martially. The citizens were unaware that they were any Humans besides themselves until recently.

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