"When It becomes clear that those that would represent us appear weak, then they don't deserve to emphasize on their power to rule over Man." - Lucas Grave, Rally on Jevo II.
The United Colonial Frontier, also known as the Alliance to restore freedom, the Colonial Alliance or simply UCF and, informally as the Resistance, was a loose alliance of planetary, system, and sector-level insurrectionist factions. They were generally united in common cause, against a common enemy in the form of the Solar Federation. In order to achieve their primary goal in restoring a rightful government to govern the Frontier, the Colonials aimed to the Federation from power, and Its hegemonic grip from the Frontier Sectors.

History Edit

Early Foundations Edit

"Humanity has always had its tendency for violence and destruction underneath our civilized dresses and disguises. Above all, even the common worker wants his freedom to choose how to live out his life, and how to end his days." - Unknown Record
The United Colonial Movement first began as a peaceful movement by a political minority in the furthest reaches of Human Space. Its foundations laid in beginning from the days of the Human Confederacy. The United Colonies had just formed in the Peloponnesian Sector, which was considered the frontier for the Confederacy around 2230. Due to continued protest against the Confederacy and the political tensions that were boiling underneath the political table, the first embodiment of the 'United Colonial Fronter' was given birth as the United Colonial Milita; serving as the military army of the United Earth Colonies during the War for Independence.

Of course. during the War for Independence, fighting was brutal for both sides with heavy losses and eventually saw to the defeat of the United Colonies and the dissolve of the United Milita. The Independence War shattered the golden age that the Confederacy worked so hard as they oppressed the frontier and profited from them.

Lucas Graves

Lucus Graves

It wouldn't be until 2374 when the Peloponnesian sector, most of all, criticizes Earth's reckless use of bio-engineering and began considering secession. Being one of the most pivotal Space Sectors, The Confederacy cannot allow them to leave and promised to reform the law in order to catch up with the new technologies. The United Milita was formed again and fought the Confederacy but after such a short time and a lack of resources to resupply their fleets, the war ended again in favor for the Confederacy and the death toll was immense.

The Federation of Earth was formed in the ashes of the Succession War, and while It was a largely decentralized government body and peaceful. It served to remind that purpose it wasn't strong enough to defend Humanity from both inside and outside Its boundaries. The 'United Colonial Frontier' reestablished around 2497 under Lucus Graves; Former Federation Spec-Ops that became disillusioned with the Federation and had also held great emotions for the Frontier Independence Movement.

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