The Vasari were a humanoid warrior species that originated from a planet near the Galactic Core. One of the major powers of the galaxy, the Vasari were a proud, tradition-bound people who valued honor and combat. The aggressive culture had made them an interstellar military power to be respected and feared, until they encountered and entered into a long stagnation and decline when the Advent Ascendancy invaded the Vasari, beginning the Millennium War that still raged following the Scryer's War of Extermination on Humanity.

Origin Edit

The Vasari have perhaps the most shadowed origin among the galaxy. Records claim that the Ancient Scryers crafted them shortly after the Advent was granted life in the galaxy to be the designed counter-part of the Advent; but others claim they were naturally evolved; untouched from the influence of the ascended begins.

Biology Edit

Vasari have a fairly robust physiology.

Culture Edit

Vasari culture is unique compared to other races Where most races function on progression and free will, many Vasari fleets make use of enforced labor to further the needs of their empire's growth. It wasn't until very recently that many Vasari began working in cooperation with the other races, and gave up on using slavery as a primary means of production. Another large portion of Vasari culture is the use of eugenics to "advance" Vasari growth. This is done through directed reproduction and the artificial augmentation of their genome.

Nanomedicine is also used to improve living conditions under Vasari rule, increasing the life span of their subjects or introducing nanites into the bloodstream of Vasari subjects to increase survivability from any traumatic force.

Known Vasari Factions Edit

The following are a collectively of factions that used too exist or otherwise still exist in any shape or form

  • The Gemini Empire - Active
    • Dynasty of Val'gor
    • Dynasty of Rak'nor
    • Dynasty of Alkesh